The objective of this course is to develop a deeper understanding of the role of marketing within the business community. Students shall learn the principles and basic knowledge of marketing management, which includes consumer and business purchase behavior, marketing research, product management, pricing strategies, channel management, promotion skills, and other related issues. The course seeks to prepare students for more advanced marketing studies.

International Marketing
This course will focus on the skills needed by managers to compete in the global marketplace. There are three main subject areas of the course -- the analysis of the global environment, the development of international marketing strategies, and implementation of the 4P’s.

Financial Management
This course is designed to provide a conceptual framework whereby both corporate finance and investment decisions can be viewed and understood in a unified context of risk and return.

Consumer Behavior
The main objective in this course is to provide an overview of the dynamic nature of consumer behavior and the influences that marketing efforts have on consumers. Consumer behavior is a multi-disciplinary field of study which incorporates theories and principals from psychology, sociology, anthropology, marketing and other areas of study. All these areas help to better explain the phenomena of selecting, purchasing, using and disposing of products and services. We are all neophyte consumer behaviorists because of our personal experiences in the marketplace. The trend of contemporary consumer research will also be introduced.

Organizational Behavior
The main objective in this course is to provide an overview of influence that individuals, groups and structure have on behavior within organizations. And the main goal of this course is to apply that knowledge toward improving an organization’s effectiveness.

Human Resource Management
This course includes the concepts of recruiting, selecting and placing human resource in the right position. And the skill of designing a proper work that is fits the employees’ ability. Other concepts such as performance appraise and management and the strategy of global human resources management are also included.

This course provides an overview of production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. The course includes the introduction of basic economy theories, the skill of economy analysis, and uses the simple mathematical methods on modeling. We also help students can figure out that the knowledge of economy can be use everywhere in life.

This course provides an overview of business behaviors; the basic skills such as the method of create the financial sheets and discover the meaning behind the financial data. Besides, financial ethical issues generated by the business behaviors, and others financial issues are also included.

The main goal of this course is to teach students to process and analyze data, and then transform it into useful information for business decision making. The ability of using statistics software is also requiring.

Linear Algebra
It provides the basic concept of linear algebra theory and the mathematical method in linear algebra. Build up the student in capability to solve the engineering and management science problem.

To construct the basic concept of business process, and make a brief introduction on management theory. Case studies are also included to make student more familiar with the real situation of enterprise, and build up the students to have analysis ability in management issues.

Operations Research
Define the problems in operations research and management science. Formulate a mathematical model for the problem and develop a computer-based procedure for deriving solutions. Test the model and refine it as needed. Build up the students to have capabilities to apply the methods for real cases.  

Introduction to Information Management
This course makes a brief introduction to the issues of information management. To construct the basic idea of the information system from the past to the future prospect, and cultivate the students with ability in applying the information system, creating the competition strength.

Modern Industrial Organization
This course focuses on the structure of firms and markets and of their interactions.

Cost Accounting
Students in this course will learn the cost analysis methods in corporation, learning the methods on calculating cost in each production stages. The main goal of this course is to build the cost control concept and cost analysis skills, let student familiar with the cost management methods in enterprise.

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